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Freedom Township Planning Commission

Freedom Township Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five (5) members who each serve a four (4) year term.  Members of the Planning Commission must reside within the municipality.

The Planning Commission is an advisory board.  Commission members play a major role in advising and providing recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on matters of community growth and development. The Planning Commission reviews all applications for subdivision and land development plans as well as, by request of the Board of Supervisors, Conditional Use and Zoning Amendment applications.

The Planning Commission normally meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Freedom Township Municipal Building.  All meetings can be found on the event’s calendar.  Meeting minutes will be posted online after approval by the Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Planning Commission Board




Wayne Belt
John Sica
Edward Buchheit, Jr.
Paul Sharrer
Richard Groomes

Term End Date

December 31, 2025
December 31, 2027
December 31, 2026
December 31, 2026
December 31, 2024

Meeting Records