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Freedom Township Community Park

Freedom Township Community Park

2018 RECREATION PLAN – The Freedom Township Recreation Plan is a statement of official Township policy to guide parks and recreation development, priorities, and activities.  Its purpose is to establish a realistic strategy for meeting the current and future recreational needs of Freedom Township residents.  Through a comprehensive inventory of the public recreation resources available to Freedom Township residents, and an understanding of current and future demand, this plan provides a blueprint for how to meet the anticipated recreation needs of our community.   It proposes goals and objectives to fulfill previously unaddressed needs and begins to lay the foundation for utilizing parks and recreation as a tool to enhance the quality of life for all township residents.  

Recreation Plan

ABOUT THE PARK - The Township opened its first and only Community Park in 2021 at our municipal facility complex at 2184 Pumping Station Road, Fairfield, PA 17320.  This location includes our municipal building, public works’ facility, and now Community Park.  The park is open to the public from dawn to dusk, 365 days per year, for passive recreation.  

PHASE 1 (COMPLETED) included the construction of an ADA accessible 24’ x 36’ picnic pavilion, six vehicle parking spaces (1 ADA accessible space), rain garden, BBQ grill, cornhole / horseshoe pits, and a funding acknowledgement sign.  

          Pavilion Rental Application 

PHASE 2 (projected completion in August 2025) includes the construction of a 1/4th mile (1,320 linear feet) trail loop.  The 5-foot-wide paved trail will be fully accessible for those with disabilities (ADA compliant).  The project will also incorporate three benches, a funding acknowledgement sign, and stormwater management areas. 

Phase 2 Site Plan

PHASE 3 (projected completion in August 2027) will include a tot lot playground. 

PHASE 4 (projected completion in August 2029) will include a youth playground.  


  • PHASE 1
    • $70,000 – Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Small Community Grant.
    • $25,000 – Adams County Parks, Recreation, & Green Space Grant.
    • $5,000 – Level 2 Placemaking Grant through the National Association of REALTORS and REALTORS Association of York & Adams Counties, Inc. 
    • $6,700 – Grass seed, straw, and labor donation from Allen Beckett Construction. 
    • $2,050 – Stone donation from Specialty Granules, LLC.
    • $1,000 – The Salisbury Family.
    • $675 - The Lodges at Gettysburg.
    • $500 - Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
    • $500 – Tim & Tammy Shields. 

  • PHASE 2
    • $212,450 (grant pending) – Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program Grant.  
    • $25,000 (committed) – Adams County Parks, Recreation, & Green Space Grant.
    • $5,427.57 (committed) - Park & recreation development impact fees. 
    • $2,000 (committed) - Specialty Granules, LLC. 
    • $1,500 (committed) - The Lodges at Gettysburg.
    • $1,000 (committed) – ACNB Bank.
    • $1,000 (committed) – ACNB Insurance Services.   
    • $500 (committed) – Tim & Tammy Shields.  
    • $500 (committed) - Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
    • $500 (committed) - KPI Technology, Inc.
    • $500 (committed) - Mason Dixson Farms, Inc. 

  • PHASE 3 
    • To be determined.

  • PHASE 4
    • To be determined.